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Life is still a Cabaret!

spotlight on red stage curtainThis was to have been a blog celebrating our wonderful KOPS and TOPS accomplishments at our final IRD in Niagara Falls. As all of us are well aware, things changed! In mid-March, as “Safer at Home” proclamations were made throughout the U.S. and Canada, TOPS Board of Directors were just wrapping up our meeting. Little did we know what challenges and opportunities laid ahead of us in the intervening weeks. All of us were focused on getting back to our homes before airlines began to curtail flights.

Our Board, like you, have learned so much in the past months. We have adapted, done differently and kept our focus on you. Due to the Governor of New York’s proclamation, our IRD 2020 venue was closed. Travel restrictions placed on those going between certain states and between the U.S. and Canada still remain in effect at this writing. Rather than cancel the event, we decided to celebrate our 2019 International Winners and State/Provincial Royalty, along with their 2020 counterparts, in the same place in July 2021. See TOPS News and the Events page on our website. All State and Provincial recognition events have been rescheduled as well. Almost all have managed to find dates this fall and are providing new event details.

Among the many lessons learned has been an appreciation of the flexibility, adaptability, tenacity and determination of you, our members, to find new and creative ways to continue encouraging and supporting each other. Old ways that worked were reintroduced, and new, untested means were fearlessly tried. Through it all, you have stood strong together and continued in our mission of helping and supporting each other to take off and keep off pounds sensibly. To say the TOPS Board is proud of you is a huge understatement. You are TOPS, and you are AMAZING.

During the next few months, each Board member will be sharing with you at least one “Lesson Learned” during this time when all of us have had to adapt and chart a new course.

In addition, our President, Rick Danforth, will be kicking off his own blog in August.

Though the pandemic has definitely been an ill wind, it has blown some good. We have been tested, and we are not quitting! I would love to hear what lessons you’re learning during this time that have helped you become stronger and more determined.

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