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Win with Positive Thinking

clean up your environment to feel more positiveThe next person relating her lesson is our newest Board member, Carol Holtz, who is the granddaughter of Esther S. Manz, TOPS Founder. Carol is also the TOPS Online Facilitator.

Carol Holtz’s Lesson

Win with Positive Thinking

Carol HoltzOver this time of social distancing and staying safer at home, I’ve found so many people, especially on social media, focused on the negative. Being a positive person, I’ve found this hard to deal with.

I spend my time trying to look at the positive. This is a great time for us to look at what we can do. We can plan our meals. With less access to restaurants, we can do more planning. The shortages of certain ingredients has caused us to be more creative. What a great time to look at what we make and adapt recipes to make them healthier. We can try out new recipes to spice up the foods we like to eat. What fun we can have creating healthy snacks to help with the “grazing.”

We can positively change our environments. I’ve heard of many people cleaning out all those places we like to hide things. Taking this time to clean up and feel good about our environment is so positive. It gives us something to do instead of eat. We are also burning calories when we clean.

The reports of people being outside walking and biking is so positive. We are burning those calories we are taking in and more. Stress is released and positive thinking is easier. Being positive during this time is important in all aspects of our lives. Being positive is what will give us our success.

We need to take this positivity into the future. When restrictions are lifted, we need to take what we have learned with us. We need to plan our foods and use our healthy snacks. Enjoy the foods you make instead of eating out. Let’s keep our places clean to help us mentally and continue to enjoy the fun activities we have been doing. Think positively!

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