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Real People … In their own words… the letter W

Want, Welcome, Willing, Workable, Write

Surfers “ride” the waves, using their power to take them where they want to go. The surfer does not use his or her power to change the wave to make it go where he or she wants it to go! I often tell my colleagues when discussing a new idea to lean into it, breathe and go through it. When we work from a point of resistance, our success is often diminished or halted completely.

When circumstances change, rather than trying to resist that change, it is often better to seek harmony with it. It’s important to learn how, why and where things are changing so we can make the most of the possibilities. When seen as a new method that will increase service and effectiveness, we welcome change and it becomes workable. Rather than swim against the current, we learn how to ride it to propel us to where we want to be!

It’s an irrefutable truth that change will occur and we can either embrace it … or resist it. The greatest rides occur when the surfer, working in harmony with the wave, finds the possibilities within it. Maybe, rather than resisting change, we should find the possibilities within it, and ride it to even greater horizons!

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