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expect the unexpectedAll work and no play makes Barb a dull gal!

According to Zorka Hereford in her book, “Essential Life Skills,” a well-balanced life is essential for personal effectiveness, peace of mind and living well.

Her five basic tips for living a well-balanced life are definitely a good point from which to begin our journey.

1. Take care of and nurture yourself.
2. Know what your priorities are.
3. Create an efficient mindset.
4. Expect the unexpected.
5. Maintain a positive mental attitude.

Each of the areas require focus, adaptability and action. If you’ve ever tried to keep your balance walking across a board laid across a creek in order to get to the other side without falling into the water, you get the idea. If you do not maintain constant vigilance, recognize small changes in position and act quickly, you will go splashing into the cold water of the creek in a millisecond.

Get out your notebook to assess, evaluate and improve the balance in your life.

What steps are you taking to be physically strong and healthy? Do you work your plan every day? What do you most respect about yourself as a person? Are there areas you feel you can strengthen and improve? How are you going about this?

What things are most important in your life? Are you devoting enough energy to see the priorities bear fruition? Where is living your best life on your priority list?

What is your plan as to how to stay on track: to manage, cope with, adapt and adjust to meet your goals?

When changes occur that are beyond your ability to foresee, are you confident in your flexibility and adaptability to manage such events and continue? Do you have a support system in place to help when needed, and would you be willing to use such help?

With self-respect and self-confidence, what areas can you identify for continuing growth and improvement?

Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet as you work to balance what you must do with what you enjoy and want to do. Keep your heart open wide and your eye on your goal!

I Care, Barb

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