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Clearing Clutter

free up spaceIs there space at your home to conveniently place items for a bit when pausing throughout the day? Do you have clothes you haven’t worn in years? Do you have a closet or cupboard into which things have been tossed just in case you might need them someday? Do you have a catch-all drawer where lost, unidentified or broken things are deposited? What’s in the attic, the outbuilding, the shelves and boxes in the garage? What’s in the trunk, back seat or glove box of the car? What’s lurking in the refrigerator, freezer and food cupboards? How long has it been since you visited these locations with sorting, repairing or discarding as your goal?

Do you buy things because there is an actual need, because you want it or maybe to make you feel good or relieve stress? Most of us love our possessions. That is why we collected them. Many of them are symbols of happy memories. However, we can sometimes overwhelm ourselves with our things. When our stuff begins to impact our space and crowds the living environment, does it detract from the peaceful and calm surroundings we were aiming to have and begin to stress us out? Without realizing it, have we set landmines ready to detonate in our path, adding to daily frustrations rather than minimizing them?

Is it time for triage? Letting go can be hard, but it can also be freeing, liberating and calming. It represents reestablishing control of ourselves and our surroundings. We will always keep and treasure memories in our hearts and minds long after a favorite rubber ducky from childhood has quacked its last quack.

If you think your life and environment are cluttered and beginning to get in the way, maybe it is time to declutter your home and restore a sense of order to some areas. Get out your notebook and make a plan. What is your goal? What will you tackle first? When will you start? Procrastination is not helpful! Do not try to do all of it at once! Identify what the primary issue is and begin there. Then, in stages, move out from that point.

Donate things you do not love, things you do not use, unfinished projects, duplicates or things that are the wrong size. Discard things that have been broken or damaged forever and things that are out-of-date. Clutter drains energy, causes frustration, wastes times and creates confusion. You cannot take all this stuff with you. Your family probably doesn’t want most of it, and somebody else might be able to use it.

Being more organized and less constricted may save energy, increase vitality, open new opportunities, help financially and restore balance in your life. Free up space for things you use, need and value now. Free up time to live and enjoy your best life each day with all who you love.

I Care, Barb

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