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Real People … Get Back to Basics

Getting Back to Basics

As some of you may have noticed, TOPS is getting Back to Basics in 2018. All of us need to pause, take a deep breath and reassess what we are doing and how our actions, beliefs and behaviors are lending themselves to what we want most as we continue through life.

When I think of basics, I think of the “Three R’s: Readin’, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic” of my childhood. My first challenge was to learn to spell those words correctly! The basic skill that I embraced so passionately as a child was reading. I fell in love with words and their power. From the hills of West Virginia, I traveled to Russia, to China, to South Africa. I learned about wars, victories, tragedies and triumphs. I discovered people and places so very different from my small corner of the globe and found that all of us are pretty much the same in spite of so many differences.

From Sesame Street, I remember that each letter of the alphabet represented so very many words and my favorite became, “Witches who wash their wigs on windy, winter, Wednesdays are wacky!” With this in mind, I have decided as I get back to the basics of my TOPS journey, I will use the alphabet to enrich my positive self-talk. I invite each of you to join me. Going from A to Z, what words will you choose to help you find and sustain the healthiest, happiest life possible?

For today, the A’s have my attention and I will share my thoughts with you in my next blog.

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