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Still on the Road… Through the Mirror

A bit more on mirrors… By habit, most of us glance at the side view and rearview mirrors before heading out. We also have occasion to check a posted convex mirror that helps us see around a blind corner before easing onto the highway. Failure to check could lead to a collision. All of us understand this need for caution and care.

But there is another mirror and image that is important to check regularly as well. Most of us remember being teenager, raising teenagers, or observing them. The ritual goes on every day as they stand in front of the mirror, looking intently at their reflection. They check to see if their hair is styled correctly and their makeup is just right. They turn from side to side, trying to determine if the clothes they have chosen make them look cool. Their nails, makeup, or hair may even be done in some strange color that matches neither their clothes nor the polish on their toes. Whether a guy or gal, the ritual is similar and usually ends when they are convinced the reflection in the mirror adequately represents “who they are.”


With time, they learn that that image is only a surface reflection.

When we are willing to look through the mirror to what is really important, we are on the path to self-discovery. The true representation of who you are is not in the reflection, but lies behind it. What the mirror reflects is our appearance. Behind our appearance is who we truly are.

Let’s concern ourselves more with substance and spend our time and energy strengthening and enriching our inner selves. Image is not everything. Health is much more enduring and essential. It is nice to present one’s self in a positive light and look “good.” However, be careful to maintain a healthy body and strengthen it to go the distance. Look beyond the reflection—beyond the hair, the makeup, and the clothing. When you see who you really are, embrace that person. You are on the path to self-discovery. With self-awareness and acceptance, you enrich not only your own life but enrich the lives of all who cross your path.

Celebrate you!

I Care, Barb

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