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Still on The Road – Looking ahead or looking behind…

As you travel the TOPS Road to Success, consider this… Do you know why a car’s WINDSHIELD is so large and the rear view mirror is so small? Because our PAST is not as important as our PRESENT. So, pay careful attention at what is coming at you and keep moving forward. It is good to keep checking the rear view occasionally to make certain that nothing sneaks up on you unexpectedly, but don’t spend a lot of time there or you may end up in a fender-bender!

Road signs with words now, past and future.

If you’ve not moved as far forward as you had hoped by now, if you seem stuck… remember that it is all temporary. The roadway will clear, and we can all move on. Even a train can only block the intersection for twenty minutes. The next time you are tempted to turn the wheel in the direction of your favorite restaurant or bakery, remember that the urge will pass if you are patient with yourself. Give yourself those twenty minutes it takes for the urge to pass. Use that all-important time to reflect and catch up with your primary purpose and objective. Look at how far you have come and reflect on where you’ve been.

Use that twenty minutes wisely – plan a special meal or delightful treat that will help you keep going toward goal. Keeping things exciting is important. Don’t let your routine become a rut. When you find yourself in the middle of a traffic jam, remember you still choose how to use that time. You may not clear the roadway, but you can make the pause worthy of your effort. Any investment you make to do something that will help you on your way is a great use of your time. So, learn lessons looking out your windshield and take time to apply them in the present as you move toward your future. Keep going and share how you handle the roadblocks and traffic jams you encounter with all of us, please!

See you at the next pit stop…

I care, Barb

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