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Real People… Ten Real Hands

Whether in music, athletics or business, no superstar or top performer, regardless of his or her level of talent and productivity, does it alone. Consider that in the game of basketball, every basket made took “ten hands.” In truth, it involved many more than ten….the hands, heads, and hearts of nonstarters, the assistant coaches, the trainer, the managers, and, of course, the coach all contributed to some degree. Without teamwork in basketball, the slam dunk would be become extinct. Without teamwork in our chapters, they would not thrive.

Helping hand for life

“Ten hands” is one of the most important principles that a leader can learn. The concept starts from the clear understanding that a member who makes the whole chapter great is better than a great member! When the USA basketball team failed to win the gold medal in the 2004 Olympics, the world was shocked. Many observers felt that the foreign teams had at very best only two or three players talented enough to make it in the NBA. Every single USA player was already in the NBA. In fact, they were some of the best in the league. How could the other countries beat us? The answer is simple: We sent great players. The other countries sent great teams. In is an unquestionable truth that effectiveness and productivity are diminished when you are plagued with individuals who view their team as secondary to their own accomplishments. The concept of “ten hands” teaches us that all members of our organization need to feel valued in their roles to make a difference. They are, after all, intimately connected to the success of their team.

Do you aspire to be a player who makes your team great or a superstar? Are you a “me-first” person who puts the group second, places personal gain before group success, and withholds rather than shares the ball? Experience has taught us that when people feel they are contributing to the success of the team, both individual and team performance improves. It is important to remember that personal statistics matter only to the degree to which they enhance overall team performance. So you decide, do you want to be a team of great players…..or a great team! The choice truly lies in “the number of hands.”

I care, Barb

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