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Real People … In their own words … the letter C

Letter C and words that begin with C

Calm, Capable, Commit, Connect, Creative

Teamwork is a key component in virtually all aspects of life. As much as we value individual excellence, few of us achieve that without help and support from others. Most of use joined our TOPS chapters looking for that connection to others with similar goals. It is a principle that is key to commitment, accountability, hard work, discipline and intensity. Having others who may be more capable in some areas help you find creative solutions that work for you in a calm, respectful way is so empowering.

Teamwork is displayed through actions, not just words. We look to others as examples and role models and hope they will share the creative solutions they have found on their journeys. Others look to us in the same way. We must demonstrate that we believe each other can achieve, that we care about each other and will help one another find what works best to succeed. All of us together can be so much stronger than each of us individually when we commit to sharing what we know to benefit each person on our team. Despite what some may say, it isn’t so much “all about me” as it is “all about us.”

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Members, are you following along? If you want to create your own words to enrich your positive self-talk, download Real People … An Alphabet Adventure from the Chapter Contests and Activities in the Members Area of our website.

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