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Did you know that that motto of the United States Olympic Committee is “It’s not every four years. It’s every day.” Excellence can be achieved only today…not yesterday or tomorrow, because they do not exist in the present moment. Today is the only day each of us has to flex our talents and maximize our enjoyment. Our challenge is to win in all aspects of life. To reach that goal, we need to set ourselves up for success by winning one day at a time. Setting daily goals and striving to achieve them is how we reach the status of a champion.

How very clearly our TOPS winners emulated these principles. All who were honored throughout International Recognition Days did their best with each day, learned from it and geared up to face the next. The habits of success are forged in practice. Athletes and musicians develop routines in which they consciously practice skill sets that lead them to the unconscious habits of success. A routine is something you do regularly, that you control and that has purpose. Routines are comforting mechanisms…triggering mechanisms used to carry the skills learned in practice to the playing field or the concert stage. In practice you also learn to train your brain as well as your body. Legendary golfer Sam Snead said practice time is when you put your brain into your muscles.

Senior Lady Golfing

Practice will become habit. Confidence and trust are essential in every walk of life. You have to feel sure you are doing the right thing; sure that your preparation has developed the necessary routines for you to be successful. It is an unquestionable truth that the seeds of doubt can grow quickly. However, you have the ability to overcome them. Confidence is born in practice. Mentally treat everyday practices of good health as living your best life. Consciously plan the routines of the mind and body so that you are able to allow yourself each day to move from thinking mode to trusting mode. Do not doubt these intelligent choices you are making to build a healthy, active life.

How are you getting better today? What will you achieve today? Non-medalists have a yesterday attitude by dwelling on things that didn’t go well in a previous performance or a tomorrow attitude by procrastinating and not getting things done.

Today is your day. Use it well!

I care, Barb

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