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Real People… Respond, Don’t React

It is easier to have a great attitude when everything is going well and the choice to have a great attitude is something nobody and no circumstances can ever take away from you. Everybody faces challenges in life but we also have choices. We can choose to respond to the situation, which means we are looking for a solution, or we can react, which often results in complaining. One is reasoned and calm. The other is visceral and without thought.

I remember the words of motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, who wrote, “If we accept that the past is the past, yesterday ended last night and today is a brand new day, we can have an attitude of hope. We can look forward to today with an expectation that it will be better than yesterday. Individuals who are able to embrace this concept are the ones who deal best with what life throws in their paths. They are the ones who have learned and accepted that they can’t control everything that happens in their lives, but they can control their attitudes and choose how they respond.”

Run away from negative people

Today, no every day, I encourage you to recognize that you have the power to determine whether you will be crippled by life’s challenges or you will embrace them; understanding that each challenge offers new opportunities. In truth, we can face anything and be more in our weaknesses than we were in our times of strength. We must simply start where we are and choose to have a better, more fulfilling life!

I care, Barb

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