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Real People… Real Truth

A plausible lie is defined as a seemingly valid, yet untrue, statement. When it is repeated over time and goes unchallenged, the plausible lie becomes accepted as truth. It is a term most associated with the courtrooms and the political arenas of our country, yet I can’t help but think it is more prevalent in our daily lives than we would like to think.

Uncover the truth

How often have we heard people use the excuse that they didn’t have time to do something? How often have we heard someone say, well, if I didn’t belong, I’d weigh a lot more? We can even justify this in our minds by reminding ourselves of all the things we are doing. Yet, sometimes the truth is, we simply chose not to do it.

How many times have we told ourselves we can’t do something, offering all the excuses for why we are unable? Yet the truth is we may be unwilling to try or do what it takes to be successful.

I don’t believe any of us ever start out wanting to be masters of the plausible lie. It simply became easier to justify our inaction than to risk failing by trying again when things go awry. In truth, the work it takes to sustain the lie over time is probably greater than the work necessary to head back down the path we say we want to travel in the first place.

I wonder if or how the plausible lie may play a role in my own life.

  • Do I create seemingly valid statements that I repeat to myself over time, justifying my lack of action or achievement?
  • Is it time to hold myself more accountable and accept responsibility for lack of action in some areas?
  • Am I completely truthful with myself?
  • Has it become easier for me to justify inaction than take responsibility for it?!

I think I need to take time to rethink what I say and do.

That seems like a plausible truth to me.
I Care, Barb

If we follow the TRUTH, it will bring us out SAFE at last.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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