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Being inspirational is never a given. Just because the stakes may be high doesn’t guarantee we will be inspired by the winner. Just because the victory is small doesn’t mean we won’t be uplifted. Motivation is not a skill; it is an art form. It is about pushing buttons. It is interplay among all involved, and its power is related to a personal connection.

While we all know that enthusiasm can lift a group, we know that such a boost is not as significant as a year-round strategy and commitment to developing fundamentals. True motivation must come from within. I also believe it is not the motivation to win a specific prize that makes the difference, but the burning desire to be your best every day as you pick up the challenge! I like this poem by Kevin Markle, former student manager of the UNC girls’ soccer team.

There are times in our lives that the world lets us show

The things of ourselves that now only we know.

Of course people say, “They’re so fast!” “They’re so strong!”

But in thinking that’s us, they’re totally wrong.

Sure, the skill and the strength are key to our fate,

But they’re not the main things that make this team great.

No, those on the outside can’t see why we win

Because they cannot see what we all have within.

Find and nourish the passion within you. There will be people along your journey who will encourage and inspire you, yet it is the quiet confidence one builds through daily preparation that allows you to become truly motivated and inspired! It begins with a single decision, but that decision must be made every day.

I am passionately cheering for you and…

I Care, Barb

Two Cheerleaders

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