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On a recent National Public Radio show, they were discussing cases that were currently in the Supreme Court. During the conversation, one of the Justices remarked that when the court sees a case, the first two questions they should ask are, “How did you get here?” and “Where will it stop?” How did you get here speaks to the question of what has not been resolved, thus allowing the case to get to the highest court in the land. And where will it stop speaks to the question of what will it take to resolve these issues.

As I considered these questions, it struck me that they apply in every facet of life. At any point in time, I might consider how I arrived at this particular point. What are the positive things I have done, and what are the unresolved issues―the ones keeping me from moving forward? My ability to move forward will be based on my willingness to continue the positive things and to meet the challenges that have, to this point, held me back.

I think one of the unsaid messages behind the Justice’s comment was that in order for a case to get that far, someone has neglected to take personal responsibility. Someone had the power to resolve the issues, yet has not. In my life, that power belongs to me. I have arrived at this place because of the choices I have made. I will move forward from this place because of the choices I make! It is a matter of personal responsibility.

So share your journeys with me.

What were the choices that have lead you to this moment and this place in your journey to better health?

And more importantly, what are the choices that need to be made now to move you forward?

The outcome is up to you. Will the verdict be “case closed, judgment for the plaintiff?”

I Care, Barb

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