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Real People… Real Groups

Having a successful group requires a mindset that nurtures team spirit.

The greatest challenge to group dynamics is the individual. Have you ever been a part of a group which, despite having all the right people, somehow can’t seem to get it together? Fundamental tasks are not completed, individuals are under-performing, people make negative choices, and bickering and arguing become the rule instead of the exception. Suddenly, a group made up of many bright, competent people is at the bottom of the accomplishment list. It has become a group made up of individuals who appear to have little team chemistry.

I recently talked with such a group of individuals; one which, despite having considerable talent, seems to be floundering. Based on the information they shared with me, it appears the group has no identity. They don’t seem to understand the importance of sitting down and creating behavior and performance expectations which will lead them to their team goals. Actually, they don’t even know what the team goals are, which is why they are acting like a group of individuals in the first place. Give me a group of average individuals who have a collective goal and positive team chemistry and I will beat your team of number one individual performers every time!

Having a successful group goes well beyond amassing a group of talented, highly motivated individuals. It requires helping them create a mindset that develops and nurtures a positive team spirit; one in which individual and group goals can co-exist. One in which the group is more important than any one individual. This is going to require someone stepping up and setting the tone; someone who has the strength to lead. Someone, perhaps, like you!

I care, Barb

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