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Real People … In their own words … the letter Y

letter z
Yearn, Yes, Yummy

No matter what the circumstances, positive people see opportunities everywhere. They understand that opportunities are not based on luck or position. Opportunity exists everywhere if you just open your eyes and look for it. Lois Wyse, president of Wyse Advertising, Inc., understands the importance of a positive attitude and how to apply it in everyday life. She says, “Always say yes, because nothing ever happens to people who say no!”

I like that statement a great deal. Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were actually done. What if the people who accomplished these things said no? What if Thomas Edison had said no to the possibility of electricity? What if Jonas Salk had said no to the possibility of creating a polio vaccine? What if John F. Kennedy had said no to the possibility of putting a man on the moon? These men were not looking for excuses. They said yes to the opportunities life offers.

Each day we are faced with the challenge to see and take the opportunities that lie ahead of us. Ask yourself the question, “Am I willing to try?” The only answer is … yes!

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