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Portion Control

aim for progress, not perfectionHow much can I eat? Take the time to figure it out. It takes more energy (calories) to fuel a Jeep Ranger than a Honda Civic. Size matters. So does speed and use. One food plan does not fit all. A 250 pound, 6’3” construction worker simply has different needs than a 180 pound, 5’2” computer operator. Take time to figure out how much you need to maintain your current weight and then decrease that amount to generate a moderate weight loss each week. Don’t aim to be the biggest loser. Set your target as becoming the healthiest winner!

  • Get out your notebook, do the math and assemble the fuel (food) you need to walk your talk and the tools to help you get there.
  • Choose a smaller plate, bowl and glass. It takes less food to make them appear full, and our eyes enjoy the appearance of abundance.
  • Use condiments, seasonings, herbs and spices to add flavor and aroma to help all the senses experience satisfaction.
  • Fill your plate in the kitchen and don’t return for seconds.
  • Plan to have healthy snacks that you like available and convenient.
  • Learn from each choice and move on. Don’t punish yourself. Habits take time to develop. Old ways resist change and new ways can be forgotten at times. List current habits you would like to change or avoid and new ones you would like to develop. Do not tackle them all at once! Choose one to work on for about three weeks. If you are comfortable with the changes you have made, select another to add.
  • Go slow. Do not overwhelm yourself with change. Get plenty of sleep. When we are tired, resistance and focus can be low.

Aim for progress, not perfection. Be good to “you.” You are worth it!

I Care, Barb

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