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fuel your system with fruit and veggiesBack to basics, baby! There is no magic bullet around that cannot backfire!

Each of is unique with individual preferences, likes and dislikes in so many areas. The things we like to eat are no exception. Our family, region, culture and traditions helped create associations with food that go far beyond simply hindering our healthy journeys. But they do not prevent us from traveling. Let’s make this as simple and pleasant as possible since, as a general rule, most of us prefer to do things that give us pleasure.

Using your doctor’s recommendations for you as an individual, plus some sound information on healthy foods (like Real Life: The Hands-On, Pounds-Off Guide), custom tailor a list of foods you love and enjoy that meet your basic nutritional needs. Eliminate things you do not enjoy and replace them with similar foods you actually like a lot! The goal here is to stoke the fire, fuel the system and don’t burn trash.

Choose to do it your way. If you eat 500 calories less than you need per day and move a little more, you will lose about a pound a week and give yourself time to learn a new way of living as you go. You already know this: Balance your life! Eat from all of the basic food groups: meat/protein, starch/sugar, veggies, fruit, milk and fat in a balanced way. A food plan of soda pop, donuts and bacon is not the road to success.

Fiber is available in foods you may like: soluble fiber from apples, oranges, carrots, corn and oats and insoluble fiber from prunes, raisins, kale, peanuts and bran. Eat some lean protein each day. Go easy on saturated (hard) fat that comes from animals and choose unsaturated (liquid) fat from veggies. Steer clear of trans fats. Limit empty calories from alcohol, drink water and go easy on caffeine and artificially-sweetened beverages. You are what you eat, and what you eat matters. Make small changes gradually, fuel your system and eat what you like.

Get your notebook out and write your plan. Change as needed and enjoy the delicious journey!

I Care, Barb

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