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TOPS International Recognition Days 2017

My goodness! Over 1,600 members were in Little Rock, Arkansas, to celebrate at our 69th International Recognition Days, where more than 500 KOPS formed a brilliant Circle of Light to help all of us find our way to our healthiest, most active life. New TOPS friendships were formed and long-time friends reconnected. All of our hundreds of winners Sparkled like Diamonds with the cheers and applause of fellow members inspired by the successes each shared.

A wonderful walk along the river was attended by hundreds of early morning walkers. Our speakers and Medical Research team shared information, insights and updates that captured the attention of all attendees. Each session had unique shining moments that formed memories to last forever…just like diamonds! Century Award members who are maintaining 100-pound losses and Before and After size participants who had lost 75+ pounds opened up this sparkling event. Royalty from almost all states and provinces shared so many victories. Our TOPS Royalty came from throughout TOPSland. Queen Jennifer Noyes who lost 178.25 pounds to her goal hails from Ontario; King Bob Lee calls Georgia home and lost an impressive 140 pounds. Runners-up Lynn Craig from Minnesota and Bob O’Hara from Oil City, Pennsylvania, shed 161.80 pounds and 138.25 pounds respectively to reach their goals!

The update at the halfway point of our TOPS Million Pounds Mission is outstanding and so encouraging. The chapters who reported their progress by June 30 had amazing news. TOPS chapters from Canada have already dropped over 65,583.60 pounds, while chapters in the United States show they are 277,714.70 377,714.70 pounds lighter. KOPS are maintaining losses totaling 544,754.50 pounds! This totals an impressive 988,052.80 pounds which is only 11,946.20 pounds from the Million Pound target. WOW! We can definitely do this and maybe add another half million pounds in the next half of the year. Keep on cutting a bit more and burning a bit more, TOPS Team! We are going the distance together to a brilliant total yearly loss. Sparkle and Shine, but Above All, Be Kind!!


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