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Me Time

cup of coffee on desk tableLike many people, I’m a creature of habit. Sometimes my habits help me, and sometimes they don’t. Changing them can be a challenge, as some have been with me for decades! However, it’s not impossible.

Recently, I decided to look at how my day routinely started. One thing for me is quite clear: I do not like being jolted out of bed like a cannon being fired! When my day starts like that, I feel as if I’m playing “catch up” from the get-go.

I need to give myself TIME. This actually meant that I needed to get to bed a bit earlier the evening before in order to have a good sleep and get up a bit earlier. This one simple change has made a huge difference! I adjusted my daily routine by just 30 minutes to set the new schedule in motion.

I start with a cup of hot coffee, a small notepad and a pen, and jot down a list of priorities for the day in order of importance. This includes things left from yesterday that may need to be reviewed or may be discarded. I take another sip of coffee and call to mind and smile at my gratitudes. I take a few deep breathes, stretch luxuriously and recall a memory that warms my heart.

If the weather permits, I go for a walk in the fresh air. If not, I put on some peppy music and get moving inside the house. I just love Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” for this purpose and often play a video set to it featuring many stars from old musicals to keep me company. As the blood flows, the smile grows!

Now, it’s time for breakfast and I am appreciative, alive and alert! Even if the clouds are covering the sun, I feel as Mr. Rogers always said, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!” Who would have thought that a mere 30 minutes of “me time” would make such an impact on how my day proceeds?

Is your day going in the direction you intend? If not, is it time to change course?

I Care, Barb

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