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Wellness Wednesday

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Healthy Thanksgiving Leftovers Part 2

When it comes to healthy eating, I’m always searching for new ways to keep it fun and enjoyable. With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I’m thinking ahead to one of the tastiest parts of this holiday … the leftovers! You may have already … Continue reading

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Fall in Love with Fall Vegetables

There’s so much I love about fall. The cool but not-too-cold weather. The leaves changing color and crunching under your feet. And, of course, the abundance of delicious fall fare. Fortunately, fall foods aren’t limited to pumpkin-spiced treats. There are … Continue reading

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Incredible Edible Bowls

One-bowl meals are becoming more and more popular and are a fun, healthy way to fuel up without feeling weighed down. You can take this tasty trend one step further by making your own edible bowl. Veggies like squash can … Continue reading

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3 Veggie Alternatives to Hamburger Buns

I’ve come to accept that zucchini noodles will never really be pasta, and cauliflower “rice” will never really be rice. For me, it’s not about pretending that vegetables can completely replace carb-heavy favorites like pasta or rice. Instead, it’s about … Continue reading

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Tips for a Lighter Cookout

Since I’ve started consistently tracking my food, I’m constantly amazed by how quickly calories can add up, particularly in social situations. Take your average cookout, for example. One 4-ounce cheeseburger with a bun can be around 500 calories. Add dessert, … Continue reading

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Learning to Love Vegetables

Monica Thomas has disliked vegetables all of her life … until now. When she decided to be healthier, she knew she needed to include them whether she liked it or not. She started buying frozen veggies and jazzing them up … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Add Protein to Your Meal Plan

blackberries and a smoothie

Food trends come and go, but protein’s popularity doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon. Since I’ve been much better about tracking my food lately, I’ve noticed that I tend to eat a lot of fat and not as … Continue reading

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Healthy Game Day Food

Chicken Sliders

Here in Wisconsin, many of us are bummed that our favorite football team will not be headed to this year’s big game on Sunday. On the plus side, watching the game is still a great excuse to get together with … Continue reading

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Healthy Tailgating With Cauliflower Buffalo “Wings”


September is a great time to be a sports fan here in Wisconsin. Our pro football team just kicked off the regular season with a win, college football is underway and baseball is still swinging. Game-day get-togethers are a fall … Continue reading

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