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What It Means To Eat Clean

Weight loss is often the “clickbait” for starting one’s wellness journey. But for healthy changes to be sustainable in our lives, we need a deeper purpose beyond being thinner. This is why any tricks we try to speed up this process — especially before special occasions like a wedding, high school reunion or a vacation — end up being quick…

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Foodies Travel, Too

Have you had a joy-filled July? I sure have! But it’s good to be back in front of the computer crafting this week’s blog. One TOPS member had requested I find out nutritional information on alligator while I was in New Orleans earlier this month. And lucky for me, it ended up being on the menu of the first restaurant…

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Summer Recap
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A Refreshing Recap

I have now officially been a part of the TOPS crew for six months. And thanks to all of you, it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience so far! I very much appreciate all the feedback and questions sent via email or posted weekly on the blog and social media. So keep the comments coming, because I read each one, plus…

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6 Food Swaps Any Home Chef Can Master

Modifying meals to meet multiple dietary needs in one household can feel like a perpetual struggle. Even for those living solo, having to come up with substitutions for familiar recipes to better suit current nutritional goals may take more time than can be spared on a daily basis. The five swaps below are simple to execute; plus, they’ll help you…

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Healthy Home Cook Hacks

The March/April 2022 issue of TOPS News, “Plant-based Power: One-Pot Recipes” includes four vegan recipes I created. These dishes are a few of my ‘go-to’ entrees when I want a warm homecooked lunch but don’t necessarily want to be stuck in the kitchen for over an hour making one. Occasionally, the most effective way to reinforce positive eating habits is…

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Wellness Wednesday Favorites – Part 2

I’m blown away by all of the heartfelt comments and messages I received from my previous post! Your kind words mean the world to me. As promised, here are five more of my favorite posts from over the years. 10 Simple Alternatives to New Year’s Resolutions 3 Breathing Exercises to Ease Stress 3 Must-Haves for Your Kitchen Nature, Yoga ……

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