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Wellness Wednesday

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The Power of Protein

The main macronutrient many of us consistently struggle to get enough of is protein. This is true no matter what one’s dietary preferences might be and is a big reason why a vast number of protein supplements, in the form … Continue reading

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DIY Diabetic Cooking

In case you didn’t know, the TOPS team loves member requests! We recently were asked to provide more meal ideas for those currently managing Type 2 Diabetes. Ask and you shall receive! Both recipes I am sharing this month are … Continue reading

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Are You In the Rest Gap?

Get Good Sleep

Sleep deprivation and anxiety are more related than you might think. This is one of several reasons that on June 20, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force announced that an anxiety screening is now recommended for all adults. Chronic anxiety can … Continue reading

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Lights, Camera…Action!

lights, camera, action!

Not sure how many of you have tuned in yet, but we’ve been rolling out new content on the TOPS YouTube channel for the last few months. Currently, it is a hodgepodge of segments during which I demo recipes that have … Continue reading

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More Mocktail Magic

You may have noticed in January/February 2023 issue of TOPS News a short teaser about my first cookbook being released this spring. One of the topics I candidly discuss in the opening section is how I became sober-curious during the … Continue reading

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Friend-Friendly Fitness Goal

Friend-Friendly Fitness

Pair up with pals to help you stay motivated to exercise regularly this summer – especially since it can be easy for the days to rapidly roll by once prime vacation time begins. Looking forward to a positive experience or … Continue reading

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Unhealthy Social Dynamics Can Hinder Success

Toxic relationships can sabotage healthy, positive change. Sometimes the effect is direct and acute like a partner or kids constantly complaining about having dessert less often after dinner. But we can also be triggered emotionally by family or friend drama … Continue reading

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Let’s Save Money…and the Planet!

Let's Save Money...and the Planet!

Living more sustainably doesn’t have to be a substantial time – or money – drain. So if Earth Day this week puts you in the mood to rethink how items get used in the kitchen, these eco-conscious choices might actually … Continue reading

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Are You Eating Mind-lessly?

Starting to notice our food patterns is an integral component to learning how to eat more mindfully. When truly savored, food should be nourishing on multiple levels. Real pleasure results in satisfaction. But if you find yourself chronically tempted by … Continue reading

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