Do A Wellness Inventory

At the start of a new year, it is easy to be hyper-focused on what we would like to accomplish in the next 12 months. But it can be advantageous to assess what is already going well, plus if any additional support might be beneficial in terms of maintaining the healthy lifestyle you have been working so hard to cultivate. 

Reflect on the following tips before making drastic changes or splurging on wellness items you may not actually need: 

Fitness Finance 

Going to the gym and yoga classes are regular components of my exercise routine and budget. However, at times in my life when I had less expendable income, running and cycling were how I worked out most of the time to save money. If it is difficult for you to stay consistent with physical activity outside of a group exercise setting, do research before signing a long-term contract at any fitness studio or facility. Several cheaper options may be available such as gyms inside of local community centers; sliding scale fees based on income; partial cost reimbursement from your employer or health insurance company; or even the ability to split the cost of a membership with a friend. 

Smart Shopping 

It can be tempting to stock up on pre-packaged protein cookies, keto granola and other “health foods” that promise to curb cravings. But stay mindful of the higher price tag that many of these products also come with. Remember that nuts, carrot sticks and popcorn have enough fiber to keep you full longer without inflating the grocery bill

Do a Wellness Inventory to help you stay with your budget. Start by being mindful of smart shopping.

Periodic Pauses  

Self-care is not selfish, so give yourself permission to chill from time to time. Try walking rather than jogging a few days a month. Or take a break from keeping a food diary if it makes you feel guilty rather than empowered. Our mental health is just as important as any physiological benchmark we are aiming to achieve. If it seems like your emotional state shifts frequently, consider using a free (or low-cost) app like MoodMisson to gain clarity on how — and when — chronic stress or anxiety may be affecting you.  

Have any “New Year” wellbeing advice you are willing to share? Feel free to start a comment thread below. 

And for the remainder of this month, let’s all wake up each day reminding ourselves we are WORTHY. 


12 thoughts on “Do A Wellness Inventory

  1. Just added a little “funny” to I give myself permission to chill so I don’t have a meltdown.

    Just recently, I have learned those words, “I give myself permission” and they have been powerful. Permission not to follow a recipe exactly is actually fun. Maybe I will discover something new that my family likes even better.

    Have a creative day!

  2. I lost a bit last year and I am keeping that in mind so that I can use it as inspiration to keep going the same downward direction. I also am making sure to bolster and give praise to other chapter members. One said she lost only .2 pounds last year. I told her that was great and to celebrate it. So 2024 is about giving myself praise and praising others for all their achievements no matter for what. Some days that spark makes a huge difference in my mental health.

    1. “High five” on being intentional about directly encouraging your fellow chapter members, plus using your success in 2023 as ongoing motivation, Pat!

  3. Still have health issues, SO, continue to love myself providing the best self care ever. Always thanking God’s loving care for my abstinence and being powerful during 2023 multiple health issues My faith and everyone’s prayers keep this Type “A” going. Very grateful for TOPS and living life as a KOPS, a true miracle‼️

    1. And many other TOPS members are surely just as grateful for you, Patricia. And definitely stay committed to your self-care habits!

  4. Thanks so much for recommending a Wellness Inventory! Knowing from what point I am starting is so helpful. I actually set myself back a bit by overdoing in fitness efforts and injuring myself. I found that practicing self care in all areas definitely requires being self aware! Kudo, Rachel!

  5. You’re so welcome, Barb…and I agree 100% about the importance of self-awareness in our health journeys.

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