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Wellness Wednesday

“Avocado Hand” is a Real Thing

I love avocados. In addition to being a tasty and filling snack all on their own, they’re also a delicious alternative to mayo on sandwiches or butter on toast. Avocados even share the adoration of paleo diet followers, food exchange … Continue reading

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Learning to Love Vegetables

Monica Thomas has disliked vegetables all of her life … until now. When she decided to be healthier, she knew she needed to include them whether she liked it or not. She started buying frozen veggies and jazzing them up … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Add Protein to Your Meal Plan

blackberries and a smoothie

Food trends come and go, but protein’s popularity doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon. Since I’ve been much better about tracking my food lately, I’ve noticed that I tend to eat a lot of fat and not as … Continue reading

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The Magic Weight-Loss Number

hand holding wand

I don’t think I’ve ever actually been at the weight listed on my driver’s license. I’m not sure if it’s more of a vanity thing, or if I think I will one day reach this weight. Many of us have … Continue reading

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Get Your Inner Six-Year-Old to Eat Broccoli

Child turned away from broccoli

This week I’m excited to have Jen Ede, Editor of TOPS News magazine and fellow TOPS member, as my special guest blogger. Get Your Inner Six-Year-Old to Eat Broccoli by Jen Ede Over the past year, I’ve done my fair … Continue reading

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Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget

piggy bank with apples

A few friends and I were talking about food and cooking the other weekend when one friend mentioned that healthy eating is expensive. If you’ve ever tried to eat healthier, you may have heard or even said this before. This … Continue reading

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Busting 3 Common Exercise Misconceptions

Yellow yoga mat and tennis shoes

Earlier this week, we wrapped up a four-week series of yoga at work for TOPS employees. Aside from feeling a nice blend of relaxed and energized after each session, I loved that we all had varying levels of yoga experience … Continue reading

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Lose Weight by Listening to Your Body

Scale on wood

Part of the TOPS approach to healthy eating is that all foods can fit, within reason. This works well for me, as I’ve found that every time I try to avoid a food entirely I end up wanting that food … Continue reading

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Healthy Game Day Food

Chicken Sliders

Here in Wisconsin, many of us are bummed that our favorite football team will not be headed to this year’s big game on Sunday. On the plus side, watching the game is still a great excuse to get together with … Continue reading

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