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Wellness Wednesday

How to Overcome Gymtimidation

“Gymtimidation” is a new term I heard earlier this month. And the original NY Times article I read got me thinking that identifying factors in an external environment which might make us uncomfortable working out around other people, is likely easier than … Continue reading

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7 Types of Hunger

7 Types of Hunger

I was recently listening to one of my fave wellness podcasts and one of the dieticians pointed out that, “No amount of snacks will satisfy a mealtime hunger.” A truth bomb so simply stated. And it got me thinking about … Continue reading

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Anti-Fat Bias Is Real

What are your primary motivations for changing your eating and exercise habits? Weight loss obviously may be at top of the list, but being thinner doesn’t necessarily mean one is automatically healthier. Improving health status, physically and mentally, requires a … Continue reading

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Why We Need To Reclaim Joy

Why We Need to Reclaim Joy

Embracing a holistic approach to wellness means learning to see the strengths you already possess. All of us have challenges we continue to face and yes, many of us have experienced trauma. But if we remain stuck ruminating on the … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Workout Woes

Troubleshoot Workout Woes

Active movement is a big part of my life. Yet there are phases when my physique isn’t the most accurate reflection of the number of hours I invest in having a consistent exercise routine. We all periodically plateau in regard … Continue reading

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Manifesting Wellness Goals 

2023 Goals

A new year is frequently acquainted with fresh starts in myriad aspects of our lives. Currently, I am attempting to revamp the management of my personal and professional expenses in hopes of succeeding at the financial goals I’ve set for … Continue reading

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Winter-Friendly Fit Tips

Winter-Friendly Fit Tips

Daily exercise is a major priority of mine year-round but having fewer hours of daylight and colder weather to contend with means I need to take more precautions when planning outdoor workouts. Here are a few tips you may also … Continue reading

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Is The Meat Done? 

Is the Meat Done?

Meat-centric entrées are often the main course during holiday gatherings and it’s not uncommon for folks to periodically want to “switch things up” in terms of preparatory methods. While being adventurous in terms of culinary techniques is never a bad … Continue reading

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Assessing Fitness Culture

Assessing Fitness

Gym memberships, yoga classes and indoor cycling may be on your gift “wish list” this holiday season. But it is not always obvious when you start working out in a new environment if you’ve entered a positive and supportive space. … Continue reading

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