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Wellness Wednesday is for people interested in wellness in the workplace and every place. It’s dedicated to helping people Take Off Pounds Sensibly and to making enjoyable lifestyle changes that they can keep up for a lifetime.

Rachel Werner

Rachel WernerRachel Werner, TOPS Nutrition and Fitness Editor

Rachel Werner is the Nutrition and Fitness Editor for TOPS—and a teaching artist for Hugo House, The Loft Literary Center and Lighthouse Writer’ Workshop. She has contributed print, photography and video content to TheKitchn, Spruce Eats, The Gourmet Insider, Fabulous Wisconsin, Entrepreneurial Chef and Hobby Farms Magazine.

Rachel has previously presented at The Highlights Foundation, the UW Writers’ Institute and during “Write to Publish” hosted by Ooligan Press at Portland State University; the Loft Literary Center’s Wordsmith Conference in Minneapolis; and virtual workshops hosted by San Diego Writers’ Ink. She is also a children’s book author who writes about historical and science-related topics. Her passion for sustainable living and holistic wellness keep her a Midwestern girl at heart.


Maggie Thorison

Maggie ThorisonFormerly the Wellness Manager for TOPS

After maintaining a 30-pound weight loss for more than 10 years, Maggie learned that sustainable weight loss is a work in progress and doesn’t involve quick fixes. Now she stays healthy by batch cooking, weight training and playing with her dogs. She has a passion for fitness and wellness.

Maggie graduated from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotion and Wellness, with an emphasis on Fitness and Leadership. That’s where she learned the value of wellness and prevention and how healthy interventions can change people’s lives for the better. Before she came to TOPS, she held an internship at a premier fitness center in the United Kingdom. There, she taught various classes and helped new members achieve their fitness goals.


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