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Reset From Stress

Stress can affect us physically and mentally. Although having this awareness is often the first step, that alone isn’t enough to rebalance our bodies and minds. This is why it is important to train yourself to harmonize your routines for changing seasons. This is true regarding the seasonal shifts of weather patterns, as well as the season of life you are currently in. 

Wellness is not a static state. All our strengths, goals, needs and challenges evolve over time. However, empowering oneself through consistent choices will reinforce a commitment to healthy living. Create sustainable habits that serve you best holistically. So, if certain workouts leave you painfully sore for days, then perhaps it would be better to do fewer reps while strength training or rotate in other types of exercise that are more low-impact such as Pilates, swimming, cycling on a stationary bike or tai chi.  

The same goes for foods that may technically have less fat or calories, but consistently seem to leave you feeling sluggish or bloated. Limit your consumption of these items once you start to identify the adverse symptoms they trigger. It comes down to figuring out nutrition and exercise plans that adequately support all the other components of our daily lives like sleep, academic performance, professional responsibilities and caretaking duties. 

Reset from stress and breathe

When truly motivated, we prioritize actions that help to keep us well—physiologically and emotionally. This might include: 

  • Mindfulness practices: Breathwork and meditation can decrease anxiety, insomnia and restlessness in the body. 
  • Active movement (throughout the day): Studies have shown that planned exercise breaks can increase stamina, improve concentration and decrease fatigue. 
  • Intentional celebration: Pause to embrace joy-filled moments, milestones and successes — big and small. This could be as simple as taking a few extra minutes to appreciate the sunshine after multiple cloudy days in a row; recognizing chapter members’ birthdays and TOPS anniversaries; or buying yourself flowers or a new coffee mug. 

Now, let’s keep growing this list! What types of recreation and meals are restorative for you? 

Happy (Valentine’s) Wednesday! 

12 thoughts on “Reset From Stress

    1. Ann,
      A “fun fact” about me is that I used to teach Zumba, which I know a lot of my former students also enjoyed because of the music. Dance on!

  1. This is a wonderful article full of beneficial information. It is well written! I look forward to sharing the information with TOPS 0457 TN Dickson.

  2. I’m an 82 year old women who has reached her KOPS status. I looked at your blog first the first time and will continue to do so. Thanks for your workout ideas. #1692 Grove City, PA

    1. Hope your chapter members find this one to be useful, Stacey…Feel free to let me know how it goes afterwards too!

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