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Grilled Brussels sprouts on top of barbeque nachos helps boost the nutrition

Have you had a joy-filled July? I sure have! But it’s good to be back in front of the computer crafting this week’s blog. One TOPS member had requested I find out nutritional information on alligator while I was in New Orleans earlier this month. And lucky for me, it ended up being on the menu of the first restaurant my friend and I went to. It’s not uncommon for alligator to be served fried, which means the fat and sodium levels tend to be on the higher side in regard to recommended daily intake. So if you plan on heading to Louisiana any time soon, think ahead in terms of exchanges if that’s one local delicacy you would like to sample while in the area. 

Thinking about such details while traveling was a good reminder of some advice I received a few years ago from a registered dietician who also moonlighted periodically as a personal chef. It was that eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or unpleasant. I not only agree, but think that’s true of the meals we choose to order when dining out—plus make at home. Other tricks she had for boosting nutrition without sacrificing taste included: 

  • Incorporate more spices and herbs. For example, cinnamon is high in antioxidants. 
  • Add soluble fiber. Try flax seed, chia seeds and avocado in smoothies and yogurt.  
  • Reduce sodium intake. Adding a few spritzes of lemon and/or lime can often bring out more of the flavor profiles of many dishes sans having to pick up the salt shaker. 

I really think this sort of outlook can go a long way in helping us figure out how to reinvent the hows and the whys of enjoying food. Be intentional about preparation methods, but also don’t be afraid to add in a little variety from time to time. I did that at one stop on my trip by asking for grilled Brussels sprouts to be put on top of the barbeque nachos (shown in this week’s photo). It was SO GOOD…even without any cheese. 

Now I want to hear all about some of the most memorable eats you’ve had recently, so please share details in the comments field below. 

Wishing you all the wealth of wellness this Wednesday! 


11 thoughts on “Foodies Travel, Too

  1. The grilled Brussels sprouts sound great! We have not been traveling or eating out at all, and I love cooking at home. I’ve been making a lot of air fried carrots lately.

  2. Balsamic vinegar is a staple in my cupboard as well, Stacey.
    It has so many possible uses…and you’ve chosen one of the BEST.

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