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There Never Seems to be Enough Time!

stopwatchAs so often, it was a busy week and I found myself wondering where on earth I was going to find the time to add one more thing to my list. This reminded me of a piece I had read some time ago about the number of months in a year, days in a month, hours in a day, minutes in an hour and seconds in a minute. The final answer was a resounding thirty-one million, five hundred thousand seconds in a year!

Exactly what am I doing with all of those ticks on my clock? How many of them are critical, and do I make certain they are tended to? How many of them are squandered, never to be recaptured? How many of them do I simply waste? Where does my time go? Am I setting realistic goals, planning, prioritizing, defining boundaries and controlling demands on my time to meet them? Am I spending time on other less urgent concerns, wasting time on low-level items, squandering time by procrastinating and finding no time left as the sun sets for some of the most important things on my list?

I spent the weekend logging and reflecting. The results were amazing. By managing my time better, I can definitely get it done!

To help me visualize each day, I pictured the 24 hours as a large empty jar. In it, I placed many, many things. The most urgent I saw as big rocks, with other items of varying size, shape and texture representing things of less immediacy, such as small stones, pebbles, sand and water. How I filled that jar made all the difference. If I start with sand, pebbles and water, I may end up with no room left for the small stones and big rocks. In fact, the jar might even overflow all over the floor and make a mess! However, if I put those big rocks in first, carefully add the stones, sprinkle in the pebbles, sift the sand into the crevices and soak it all with the water, I actually end up with room left over just to enjoy the view!

I Care, Barb

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