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Self-Esteem and Assertiveness

playing music in a convertibleAs I got in the car and headed for town, James Brown’s “I Feel Good” and Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” were the first two songs to play on the moldy oldie music station on the radio. What an empowering way to start the day’s journey.

Drifting along Memory Lane as I drove, some of the many influences and impacts from my childhood danced through my mind. Significant moments with my parents, family, friends in the neighborhood, teachers and role models popped in briefly. They helped me remember how far I have come and the millions of lessons I have learned through choices, stretched boundaries, use of time, anger, resentment, anxiousness, wanting to give up, letting go, appreciating simple joys and finding hope.

Here are some questions to keep in mind if the cloud of doubt blocks the sun of your thoughts:

  • Do I love myself and treat myself as kindly as I do others?
  • What are my strengths, and do I use them well?
  • Do I surround myself with positive, supportive people?
  • Do I avoid judgmental, fault-finding people?
  • Do I give and accept sincere compliments?

Use these questions and jot down thoughts to build your self-confidence as you go about this week and decide on which you will focus your attention most in the week to come.

Through the years, I have come to understand that my self-confidence is a growth process. It can be influenced by those who surround me. I’ve learned to trust myself and continue to test my ability, judgment and courage. It is what it is, and it gets better every day! As my self-esteem and ability to assert myself grows, so does my self-confidence. This is neither arrogance nor aggression. I have come to know who I am, who I love and what I value. I am comfortable being me, warts and all. I will stand up for myself when the occasion arises. I do feel good and am worthy of respect. So are you! Let’s go make a difference!

I Care, Barb

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