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Real People… Redefine Limitations

Too often we create self-imposed limitations. We need to see the other possibilities.

Once there were two men fishing on the same side of the river. The younger guy was not catching a thing, while the old man caught everything in sight. The young man noticed, however, that when the old man caught big fish he threw them back into the water and when he caught little ones he kept them. After a while, the frustrated young fisherman asked the old man, “Why are you throwing the big ones back and keeping just the little ones?” The old guy responded, “Because I only have a nine-inch frying pan at home!”

I like this story a great deal as it speaks to self-imposed limitations. Rather than seeing the possibility of obtaining a larger frying pan or cutting the fillets, the old man limited his success to only the small fish. Too often, we create similar self-imposed limitations through things like anxiety and fear of criticism, or failure. We need to learn to not become victims of such limitations. Just like the larger pan, there are other possibilities that we need to learn to see.

What size is your frying pan? What self-imposed limitations are keeping you from accomplishing your goals? We all have those little voices of self-doubt in our head. Some talk louder than others. It is how we respond to those voices that makes the difference. The voice of reason allows us to respond to a situation and not be affected by the consequences. I have to go now … I’m going to buy a bigger frying pan and a sharp knife!

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