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Real People… Rebuild

It is a New Year and an exciting opportunity awaits us! If I were a contractor and had been given the opportunity to refurbish and remodel an existing property, what should be my first step? Do I go for quick, cosmetic changes, or do I examine structural integrity? Do I want this to last?

Under Construction

I think sometimes we try to shortcut the process. We start out well, laying a good foundation and building as strongly as we can. Then, life’s storms come pouring in and the structure so carefully built suffers some damage trying to withstand the onslaught. We do something quick for the sake of expediency thinking that it is a temporary fix and we will do it correctly later. Unfortunately, if additional pressure comes, and more damage is done, these temporary patch jobs fail to hold, and even more damage is done. At some point, we need to stop. We need to survey the consequences.

Quick, stopgap repairs aren’t meant to hold up for the long run. I want my changes to endure through time. A solid foundation is essential for any building project. The base needs to be solid, capable of enduring, well tested and of lasting quality. Without that, whatever is placed on it may crumble when the first storm hits. This base must be solid, properly reinforced and anchored securely. It is important to check for any damage here and make necessary repairs before moving forward.

Looking at my weight through the eyes of a contractor helps me understand some of the struggles and setbacks I have experienced. I want the journey to endure through time. When stress and strain damages my efforts, I need to take the time to refocus, figure out exactly where the problem is and work at fixing it. I know that going on any crazy, insensible diet for a quick loss won’t serve my health well in the long run!

With these thoughts in mind, I am pulling out my copy of “My Day One” as this year’s remodeling gets underway. It provides me with the excellent basic tools and the advice. Coupled with the work of experts found in Real Life: A Hands-on, Pounds-off Guide, I know that I will construct the healthiest me possible. I am so lucky to have others joining me in my remodeling efforts at our weekly chapter meetings, sharing experience and tips as we work to make enduring changes that will last a long lifetime.

To paraphrase Arnold Palmer, “The road to our success is always under construction.” Each of us is a wonderful work in progress.

I care, Barb

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