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Real People… Real Priority

Today’s guest blogger is TOPS Regional Director and Chairman of the Board Beverly Staniak.

Real People… Real Priority

by Beverly Staniak

As I celebrated another birthday (and might I add that I am very thankful for that), I was reminded that each day we are faced with important choices. Getting out of bed, feeding the cat, making the coffee, turning on the computer, paying the bills, doing the laundry, buying the groceries, and on and on. While some tasks such as these are routine habits, nonetheless, they are choices that we make (probably without even being aware that we area indeed making a choice).

At a recent SRD (State Recognition Days), a member excitedly told me that she had just retired and now, she could “start” taking care of herself. My first reaction was “how wonderful!” But then I thought “what a shame” that she would need to wait until she retired to do that. Oh my – and then the light bulb came on. It seems that I have been busy all of my life taking care of someone, something or some “stuff”. Taking care of “me” seems to have fallen to the bottom of the list.


WOW! Is there anyone else in the same boat with me? I thought so. We are so busy taking care of other people, things and “stuff” that we do not make taking care of ourselves enough of a priority.

I am thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to have “taking care of me” at the top of my routine habits? Yes indeed!

So now I have another choice—to continue doing what I have been doing—or make some changes. I’m ready, how about you? One change that I have identified includes starting some form of daily exercise such as walking. Oh man, I struggle with this one, but I’m going to give it my best shot. Another commitment is to keep track of my exercise and food records in “My Real Progress” journal. I start out well but lose steam along the way, so I need to keep fired up and keep pushing forward. I know that I can do this! And, last but not least, I’ll make no more excuses! If you are still with me, I hope that together we can make some smart changes that will make our lives healthy, long, and continually productive as we celebrate birthday after birthday after birthday.

Thanks so much, Bev!

Not only is this going to be a great year for all of us, but also each day will be terrific if we choose to make the best of it!

I Care, Barb

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