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Real People… Real Look Forward

Today’s blog comes to us from Regional Director and Board member Debra MacLean, who has been a KOPS for many years.

Real People… Real Look Forward

by Debra MacLean

“Every day I take a break from my work when I get to the point of being tired of what I am doing. The breaks that I enjoy the most are when I am alone with my thoughts. Uninterrupted, I snowshoe, walk or work in the garden. I enjoy trying to perfect my personal plan. I have come to the point where I know what I need to do to consistently have losses on the scale, but I just don’t always do the work that will bring the results that I truly desire for myself.

Whether at goal or working to get there, I figure many of us are the same. We want to succeed so badly that we become fixated on succeeding. Our every thought and desire is to succeed in losing weight and becoming healthier people. Sometimes this strong desire causes us to do things against our conscience and better judgment. Sometimes, people turn to pills with serious side effects or questionable fad diets. When they experience temporary losses, they continue this unhealthy short term fix. The eventual resulting failure of such an extreme approach brings embarrassment of the fixation on quick fixes.

I’ve learned that whether you’ve been on the journey for some time or are just starting it, finding the route to sustain personal development is not easy. If you do it with a desire to learn, to grow and heal, and feel happier, you will get there. Don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself or investing in things that will help you. Make sure to keep in touch with like-minded TOPS friends who support you as you take and keep off pounds sensibly.

When I feel better, am kinder to myself, and no longer spend hours a day focusing on food, I free up so much time, energy and love to focus on a better future! I bet you will find the same is true. As you move forward, remember to be nice to you!”

Thanks, Debra, for the encouraging words!

I Care, Barb

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