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Here’s to the start of my (and your) very best year. As I shared with you in my last blog of December, I was spending time reflecting and jotting down actual actions, thoughts and feelings to better understand where I focus my energy and effort. It was an excellent exercise and gave me several insights. Each “light bulb” moment is an opportunity to develop throughout the year. I can see a bit more clearly now and hopefully the light cast dimly at the start will be blazing brilliantly at the end of the year.

I identified that I am an opportunistic eater, and to quote a dear friend with whom I discussed this, I am also an equal opportunity purchaser. By this I mean that I have a tendency to grab what is most handy and convenient for most food choices… particularly breakfast, snacks and lunch. I pretty much plan healthy dinners. A lot of this has to do with the amount of time I devote to planning on a daily basis. What time I have available seems to be channeled into things other than healthy eating.

This led me to wonder what first step I can make to help myself. I accept, at this point, that I probably will not rearrange my schedule on a daily basis to allow for extensive food preparation beyond the one meal. However, I know many things I like to eat are healthy, handy and fit into my daily schedule comfortably. I can make certain that my home is stocked with these choices rather than others. By this simple, clear action, I am making certain that I have many opportunities to choose wisely and well and few opportunities to choose otherwise.

So, I am heading forward with this first step. I identified my first area of concern and developed a plan. Most importantly, I am taking the action necessary to enhance my opportunity to succeed. That is my simple focus for this month. I will evaluate the results the change produces at the end of the month and adjust according based on the results I am seeing. What have you identified as your first target for this New Year? What have you planned to do? What action are you taking? Let me hear from you as time passes.

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