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Real People … In their own words… the letter Q

Quality, Quantity, Quest, Question, Quiet

I believe there is greatness in all of our members and it is our mission to support and nurture those qualities of greatness. Each day, I ask myself a series of questions: “How can I help my fellow member be the best he or she can be?” “What can I say to help him or her be more confident?” “What can I say to help him or her continue the quest to discover his or her best qualities?” “What can I do to create a victorious warrior?” “How do I to encourage effort that helps people achieve their goals?”

There is something that truly separates a success from all the rest. Is it a quiet, clear, determined vision that keeps that person focused on the objective? Is the person willing to devote the time and energy needed to overcome obstacles that cross their paths? Is it a willingness to keep pushing, learning and developing and to let go of that which is not helpful? I am thrilled by moments when someone who was struggling crosses over from no progress to extraordinary results.

It seems, as I observe, I learn that success is a choice. True greatness comes at a price; one must be willing to go where others won’t go. One must be willing to do more. Do I want to just show up, do I just do the minimum to get by, or do I go that extra mile needed to produce the results I wish to see?

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Members, are you following along? If you want to create your own words to enrich your positive self-talk, download Real People … An Alphabet Adventure from the Chapter Contests and Activities in the Members Area of our website.

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