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Real People… In their own words… the letter A

Ability, Admit, Action, Adapt, Aware One of the many things I have always enjoyed is speaking with a group of people. It is a style of communication that allows a coach or a leader to motivate others by giving feedback … Continue reading

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Real People… Really Inclusive

A lot has been said about attracting younger people to one’s group to rejuvenate and revitalize it. This, on surface, sounds like a reasonable suggestion, but what is the actual experience like? The generations are as different as they are … Continue reading

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Real People… Really Belonging

Have you ever been on a sports team that requires new members to carry the equipment to practice and pick everything up and return it at the end of practice? The newbies are responsible for picking up all of the … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Listening

People Talking

When we hear without truly listening, holding effective discussions will definitely suffer. Many of us just wait for others to stop talking so that we may talk without listening to a word they say. We actually seem to think talking … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Silence


When your people talk, do you listen? It is interesting to notice that the word “listen” is an anagram for “silent”…same letters, different order. Perhaps there is a subliminal message there! When you take the time to drop everything, look … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Listeners

Guy presenting an idea on a board in a meeting

Want to be a better communicator or leader? Then, create better listeners! What an interesting statement. Don’t leaders just speak and hope that there are great listeners in the audience? The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that we … Continue reading

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Real People… Really Hearing

Business man in meditation

Here is a parable I was read as a child that has stuck with me my entire life. Prince T’ai, who was to succeed his father as king, was sent to the great Master Pan Ku to learn the basics … Continue reading

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