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Real People… Real Listeners

Guy presenting an idea on a board in a meeting

Want to be a better communicator or leader? Then, create better listeners! What an interesting statement. Don’t leaders just speak and hope that there are great listeners in the audience? The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that we … Continue reading

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Real People… Really Hearing

Business man in meditation

Here is a parable I was read as a child that has stuck with me my entire life. Prince T’ai, who was to succeed his father as king, was sent to the great Master Pan Ku to learn the basics … Continue reading

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Real People – Real Life … Really Listen


Today at chapter, after weigh-in, I sat quietly looking over some handouts our leader had given us to review before the meeting. As folks came in, I looked up , smiled, exchanged a few pleasantries and came back to the … Continue reading

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Still on The Road…Don’t Assume


Do you make assumptions about people? When you are quick to do that, you stop paying attention and miss clues that would otherwise help you to find and reach common ground with them. Too often, miscommunications are a result of … Continue reading

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