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Real People… Reconnect

let' reconnect face-to-face

Anything that separates us from the impact our words and actions have on other people could lead us down a dangerous path. This separation is called abstraction. With the use of so much faceless online communication, we create another layer that separates us from actually connecting and helping each other.

We need to be certain that decisions made always are connected with the actual people who are involved. Our fellow members are real people with thoughts, feelings, wants, needs and ideas on how to help each other. We are much more than numbers on a scale, though the number often reflects how well we are serving and supporting each other. A positive weekly experience with each other is so very important. The more effort we invest in helping each other achieve common goals, the more concrete the connection and the stronger the commitment to the goals of our chapters.

We need to pay attention to the impact of the law of abstraction. The more layers we create between each other, the more likely we are to lose track of our most important needs. Remember that communicating face-to-face, asking for feedback and listening to the answers will always be our very best tool to determine how things are going. Filling out a report, checking boxes on a form, and looking at the numbers still doesn’t make a meaningful connection. Let’s take time to talk with each other, share ideas, and develop goals and a plan to realize them. Let’s Reconnect!

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