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Real People… Real Craftsmen

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“His card simply read Carpenter and had a phone number in big bold print. He went on to explain that while he gets jobs as a carpenter, he approaches his work as a craftsman. ‘A carpenter builds things. A craftsman creates a work of art. All success starts with being a craftsman.’” These are words from Jon Gordon’s book The Carpenter. The carpenter goes on to explain that while most people approach their work with the mindset that they just want to get it done, craftsmen are more concerned with who they are becoming and what they are creating, rather than how fast they finish it.

To a craftsman, it is about creating a work of art. I have known a lot of carpenters in my day but not many craftsmen. The world is filled with people who get things done the fastest and cheapest way possible. This isn’t about how fast we can get something done and move on. This is about putting our heart and soul into the project we have set for ourselves. We cannot lose track of what we wanted to create.

What I want to create is my healthiest, most active, strongest self…not lose weight as fast as I can and go back to what I was doing. I’ve done that before and it does not stand the test of time. I need to treat my body as the remarkable vessel it is. I need to take my time, consider the choices and make certain what I am doing will endure. Please, join me and let’s build our best selves.

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