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Real People … In their own words… the letter N

Natural, New, Nice, Note, Nurture

I grew up in a family of storytellers. I can remember as a small child sitting around the campfire as my parents, aunts, uncles and their friends showered words on our eager ears as we sat in the circle. In many ways, this remains my favorite way of communication. In such a relaxed setting, new and important ideas are broached, discussed and noted for future reference. The circle gives energy to the storyteller, enriching the impact of the tale.

Such a nonthreatening approach works well regardless of the size of the group. I think that at each chapter meeting we are given the opportunity to create our own circle. When the group arrives, our leader can begin to share a story from the week which may have an insight in it that can become a learning moment. In turn, each of us can add to the story and seek new lessons to learn. We can find inspiration from unexpected places and become fully engaged in the process that will lead us to a conclusion that benefits all of us and finds us wondering, where did the time fly? New perspectives allow us to grow and to nurture each other in a variety of ways.

If you find yourself a bit bored with the normal routine, think about using a storyteller circle at your next gathering and allowing the natural energy to flow from one to another. Life shouldn’t be about routine, but about discovery. And with discovery comes the natural energy to move you forward.

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