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Real People … In their own words… the letter E

Easy Energize Empower Educate Enthuse
Easy Energize Empower Educate Enthuse

When people are empowered, their potential is unleashed. The opportunity to make choices and control one’s own actions is energizing and exciting. While this creates the opportunity for mistakes, it also has the potential for being the springboard to success. You cannot place an eagle in the confines of a cage and expect it to soar. Similarly, you cannot restrict a person’s choices and actions and expect him to soar.

The word “empowerment” was a buzzword in the 1990s. The problem with many buzzwords is that they become all buzz and no action. To empower people is to trust them. We can, in fact, empower ourselves. Define for yourself a dream for which to aspire. Find a coach or mentor to help educate you. Remember, however, it is up to you to make your own decisions and exercise your own creativity. Speak freely about goals and ways in which you can attain those goals. Unlatch and open the doors of the cage and encourage them to soar!

You are capable of making appropriate decisions. Interestingly, the more you trust and empower others, the more you empower yourself. Relinquishing control gains respect and influence. It makes it more possible for others to freely help you!

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