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Real People…Support Each Other

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It seemed like a simple request, yet she was adamant that she could not, would not do it. Despite some encouragement from me, she was about to walk away from the opportunity which was placed in front of her. Then it happened—the members of her team offered to take on the task with her. All of a sudden ‘could not’ and ‘would not’ became ‘I will’….and she did!

This is a part of a game I use to encourage and develop group support. I divide the chapter into two groups and then ask a member of each group to get up and do something outside of his or her usual comfort zone. The rule of the game is very simple: The group which supports the most wins a point. As the game progresses, someone will figure out that if they support not only their group, but also the other one, they gain more points. The point? When everyone is willing to work together and support each other, amazing things can and will occur. People become willing and excited to stretch beyond their comfort zones to accomplish things they otherwise would not even try to do.

Today—no every day—I encourage you to support others. When someone you know is unable or unwilling to take on a challenge, don’t just encourage, jump in there and help. We are all familiar with the phrase ‘two heads are better than one.’ What if we could get the entire chapter working together toward a common goal? Amazing things can and will occur! A new year is about to arrive. GO TEAM!

I care, Barb

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