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Real People… Real Regard for the Team

By respecting one another, teammates can blend their skills and talents.

How we regard each other is quite important to me. I believe we owe a measure of respect to every human being we meet, whether that person is family, a major community or business leader, or a panhandler. Without a basic level of respect, groups can’t function. Without respect, teams can’t function! The purpose of teamwork is not to make everyone on the team think alike. Teamwork respects differences between people and depends on this diversity to help the team accomplish a common goal.

At this time of the year, many chapters have just completed elections and have installed new officers who are entrusted with holding the chapter accountable at each meeting, facilitating discussion, supporting all members, and seeing that interesting programs and awards for every success are provided. These volunteers were chosen by the group to run the team. Hold them in the high regard they deserve!

When respect breaks down within a chapter, our differences can destroy us. Being open to the strengths and weaknesses of others and finding ways to blend our diverse skills allows us to be more successful. I love the following quote from C. William Pollard, chairman of the ServiceMaster Company: “Diversity without unity makes about as much sense as dishing up flour, sugar, water, eggs, shortening and baking powder on a plate and calling it a cake.” The ingredients, when combined in the best way, are transformed!

Today, no every day, I encourage you to be respectful of others. While you don’t need to like everyone on your team or socialize with them, you must respect their right to be on the team with you. By respecting and trusting one another, teammates are able to blend their individual skills and talents with those of the rest of the team. That’s what allows the team to be stronger than the individual members.

Respect is perhaps the greatest gift we can share with one another!

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