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Had a Calorie Splurge? Here are 3 Tips for Getting Back on Track

I recently welcomed my aunt and uncle from the Pacific Northwest for a quick family getaway. Originally hailing from Wisconsin, they were eager to indulge in all of the state’s staples including cheese curds, beer, and of course, a Friday night fish fry. To be fair, Wisconsin does have many healthy food options available that extend beyond its culinary clichés.…

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To Keto or Not to Keto?

Lately, I can’t read any nutrition or wellness article, or scroll through social media feeds, without hearing about the ketogenic, or “keto,” diet. As interest grows on both the pro and con side of the keto diet for weight loss, more research will hopefully become available. While this diet can prove successful for shedding unwanted pounds, like many new (and…

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Committed to Commitment 

This week I’m excited to have TOPS Member Content Associate Taylor Patton as my special guest blogger. As of today there are five days before Christmas and less than two weeks before the end of the year, and the various health clubs, wellness centers and fitness studios of the world aren’t letting you forget it. In fact, on the way…

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Healthy Thanksgiving Leftovers Part 2

When it comes to healthy eating, I’m always searching for new ways to keep it fun and enjoyable. With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I’m thinking ahead to one of the tastiest parts of this holiday … the leftovers! You may have already seen last year’s suggestions for “healthifying” leftovers, but there are countless ways to enjoy Thanksgiving treats all the way through…

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4 Portion Control Tips from a Dietitian

When you hear “portion control” do you immediately think “diet” or “deprivation”? When you get in the habit of following a healthy meal plan, it doesn’t have to feel like punishment. No matter which meal plan you’re following, portion control is must. Fortunately, watching your portions doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself or spend hours weighing and measuring everything…

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