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Healthy Thanksgiving Leftovers Part 2


When it comes to healthy eating, I’m always searching for new ways to keep it fun and enjoyable. With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I’m thinking ahead to one of the tastiest parts of this holiday … the leftovers! You may have already seen last year’s suggestions for “healthifying” leftovers, but there are countless ways to enjoy Thanksgiving treats all the way through Cyber Monday. Here are just a few.

Tangy and sweet yogurt – Have leftover homemade cranberry sauce? Mix a couple of tablespoons with plain, low-fat yogurt. Top with a few pecans and you have a delicious and filling snack.

Turkey mash-ups – Mix shredded turkey with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables and form into balls to fit into muffin tin cups. Place in pre-heated oven for about 15-20 minutes. Now, you can continue to enjoy these comfort foods cozying up together with the bonus of built-in portion control.

Brussels sprouts power salad – Cook up protein-rich quinoa and mix with shredded Brussels sprouts, dried cranberries and shaved almonds. This dish works as a healthy side or a tasty meal all on its own.

Stuffed acorn squash – Turn a baked acorn squash into a bowl and stuff with grandma’s favorite homemade stuffing. You’ll continue to enjoy this Thanksgiving staple and have the added benefits of vitamins A and C from the squash.

I always love to hear from readers and welcome sharing ideas for healthy Thanksgiving leftovers in the comments section below! And members can find more mouth-watering ideas for post-turkey-day treats on pages 50-51 of the October/November TOPS News. Cheers to a happy and healthy holiday, everyone!

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