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Wellness Wednesday

4 Ideas for Healthy Thanksgiving Leftovers


Thanksgiving leftovers are arguably one of the tastiest parts of the holiday, but how many turkey sandwiches and turkey casseroles can you possibly eat before getting bored? Use your leftovers as an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. Check out these four ideas to enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving staples after the holiday.

Stuffed bell peppers – Want to enjoy stuffing without feeling, well, stuffed? Hollow out bell peppers, fill them with stuffing and extra veggies and roast in the oven. You can even top with a little bit of cheese.

Turkey lettuce wraps – Roll leftover turkey in lettuce wraps and add your favorite salad dressing or even a dab of cranberry sauce. These make for a light lunch to help you power through Black Friday shopping.

Mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower – Stretch your mashed potatoes farther and add a healthified twist by mixing in cooked and mashed cauliflower florets.

Pumpkin pie bites – A balanced meal plan can, and should, include the occasional treat. If the leftover pumpkin pie is calling your name from the fridge, cut it into bite size pieces and freeze. Enjoy a piece when you want to indulge in something sweet but don’t want to go overboard.

Enjoy turkey day the healthy way and share your favorite healthy holiday tips, or ideas for leftovers, in the comments section below.

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