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How to Stop the Scale “Creep”

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If you’ve ever tried to watch your weight, you may be familiar with the sneaky weight “creep.” This “creep” is deceiving, because it happens very slowly. Maybe you forget to log your meals one day. No big deal. Then one day turns into a week. You may skip the gym for a couple days, then those days turn into a month. All the while your pants fit just a little bit tighter … and tighter. When this happens, it’s time to get back to basics with what works best for you. Everyone is different, but these three numbers can help you get back on track when the number on the scale creeps up.

Step it up, with a tracker. Keeping track of your steps, workouts or activity minutes can be a great way to motivate yourself to move more. Some activity trackers even allow you to invite friends to step challenges. A friend recently challenged me to a workweek step contest to see who could get more steps in throughout the week. Full disclosure: I lost … badly. I just couldn’t keep up with my friend’s daily one-mile lunch walks combined with her chasing her one-year-old son. BUT, this still motivated me to keep moving even when I didn’t feel like it. A little friendly competition goes a long way.

If you bite it, write it. Lately, I’ve noticed that my weight has been creeping up and I’m starting to inch out of leeway*. As frustrating as this is, I’ve realized that, whenever I stop logging my food, I gain. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours meticulously counting every calorie but, without having a general idea of how much you’re eating, it’s too easy to go overboard.

Step on the scale. While this number is by no means the only measure of how your weight-loss efforts are going, it is important to know to help keep you accountable. It’s tough to face the scale when you know you’re not where you want to be. Instead of feeling down, try thinking of the number as a motivator that fires you up toward your goal. And remember that one frustrating face-off with the scale will not totally derail your weight-loss goals, unless you allow it to.

Which numbers help keep you on track? Waist measurement? Pants size? Hours of sleep? Tell me about it in the comments section below!

*To remain in leeway, a KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly) member must stay within a range of 3 pounds over goal weight and 7 pounds under goal. A KOPS member is a TOPS member who has reached and maintained goal weight.

19 thoughts on “How to Stop the Scale “Creep”

  1. Putting everything I bite in my Lose It log helps me stay within my allotted calories for the day. I’m not a KOPS yet but have met the ten pounds off challenge and am trying to keep it off sensibly.

    1. I love LoseIt! I am still losing, 10 pounds to goal. As I enter each thing I eat, it tells me how many calories I have left and that helps keep me on track.

  2. I am not a KOPS yet, but I am getting close to my 100 pound loss and I find if I gain three pounds now I start working harder by writing every thing that goes in my mouth even if I mess up and not do it for a meal or a day (usually weekends) I pick back up and think back to what I did eat. But I try and be faithful to put EVERYTHING that passes my lips to write it down. I think if I get use to the three pounds now when I become a KOPS, it will be easier. And weighing in is a MUST even if I know I have GAINED!

  3. So, I know show important it is to Write it when
    You bite it. I wish there was a way to write each bite with as we list our meals and snack on the Tops internet program.

  4. I have always journaled and weighed most days. When my clothes stated getting tighter I knew it was time to get back on the program 100%. Working towards regaining my KOPS status by the end of this year.

  5. Great site, keep up the great work. I have managed to keep my Kops because of all the great folks in Stops.

  6. My hardest days are weekends. Even though I am a KOPS I tend to get off track on weekends. During the week I take my food with me everyday. I am not tempted to eat anything I shouldn’t. At home it seems that everything is calling my name. Even if it is healthy, too much is still too much. Self control on weekends. Any solutions??????

    1. I hear you, Kathy! Watching your weight on weekends can be so tough and is one of my biggest challenges. You may find this past blog helpful: While everyone is different, something that helps me is to get moving right away on Saturday mornings and get out of the house. I like to head to my workout class and then run my usual errands. Sometimes, I just need a little change in scenery so that I’m not thinking about snacking even if I’m not really hungry. I’ll take the dogs out for a walk (good for all 3 of us!) or keep myself busy by cleaning, etc. Hope this helps and congrats on being a KOPS!

  7. please make kops aware that if they lose leeway and want to get medical excuse they MUST make sure the Dr post dates the excuse to Before they are out of leeway

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