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Tips to Stay on Track (Now That 2022 Is No Longer the ‘New Year’)

two pieces of healthy sweet potato toast

Sticking to wellness goals often goes quite well for the first few weeks of a new year. But it’s also equally common to start feeling less motivated as February gets underway. Take this proactive approach for staying on track over the weeks ahead:

  • Remember that food affects mood. So avoid the trap of emotional eating as a short-term distraction from boredom, sadness and stress.
  • Challenge yourself to make a new recipe each week. I personally like finding new breakfast or brunch foods to test out. (Sweet potato toast is one currently on my “must try” list.)
  • See if you can commit to 15 minutes of active movement time daily for five to seven days in a row. Once you’ve done that for two weeks, bump up the time frame to 20 minutes. Then gradually keep adding five minutes every two to three weeks, until you get past the 30-minute mark. And if you miss a day, no biggie! Simply start back over from the beginning. The real objective is training yourself to be consistent in regard to how, and when, you exercise by encouraging you to find activities that actually work in your normal schedule — making it more likely that you’ll stick with a new routine long-term.

Focusing on the parts of the wellness journey you most enjoy is a much more effective — and positive — outlook rather than solely dwelling on how far you still have to go. And be proud of yourself for not giving up on the resolutions you set at the beginning of this year. I’ll be sending you a virtual “high five” too.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

20 thoughts on “Tips to Stay on Track (Now That 2022 Is No Longer the ‘New Year’)

    1. Hi Jo,
      I’ll inform our website tech of your request. And be sure to read the tip fellow member Marja shares below. Not sure if what she suggested will work the same for you, but it may be worth a try.

    2. Jo, if you refresh your browser and then try to print, you should see a more printer-friendly view now. Thanks for the feedback!

  1. Congratulations, Rachel. I am enjoying your Wellness Wednesday posts. I appreciate that the pieces are short and focused. I’m more likely to connect with the advice and carry it with me through the week so keep it up. Great job.

    1. THANK YOU so much for the positive feedback, Laura! (And I’ll keep what you said in mind about how long, or short, the blog posts are.)

  2. Rachel, Thank you for this encouraging post. I have set health goals for this year and intend to work toward them. Thank you for boosting me along.

  3. Great information. I just copy and paste to a word document then take to chapter for discussion or handouts. For those of us who live in cold wintry climate the winter blues and being stuck inside can sure get on off track! Thanks!

    1. You’re not alone in finding the winter months to be challenging in various ways, Ron. Make the best of sunny days plus remember that any movement, even short spurts indoors, can be a major mood boost this time of year.

    1. Indeed, Nancy! And the great thing about the exercise suggestion I shared is that anyone can try it no matter what sort of activities one is engaging in (or where): walking, stretching, swimming etc. The goal is to do what you can, then gradually add on more time.

  4. Thanks I have to give a tops program at our next tops meeting. This will really help me out. Also I can use this now. I have a bit of trouble staying on track recently,

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